Hot Springs of Bains de Llo : Warm sulfurous baths

Spa Nature of Bains de LLO : Facials and Body Treatments

To keep hunger at bay you will find available on site fast food (from frozen)
- snacks (toasted sandwiches, pizza slices, etc.) : 4€
-Traditional meals (penne bolognaise, chicken tajine, chili, etc.) : 6.5€
-Desserts (chocolate cake, clafoutis, pineapple skewers, etc.) : 3€
-snacks (homemade pancakes, waffles, ice-creams, etc.) : between 2.5€ and 4€

We also have available to order drinks:
-hot and cold drinks : between 1.5€ and 3€
- chocolate bars : 1€

cafe cocotte tajine fondant au chocolat jus d'orange   cocotte chili   glace
In Summer, a picnic terrace is at your disposition, in the grounds of the building.
In Winter, depending on space,picnicking is tolerated for customers in our bar area.