Hot Springs of Bains de Llo : Warm sulfurous baths

Spa Nature of Bains de LLO : Facials and Body Treatments

Prices Warm baths

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Warm baths entrance includes: baths, hammam, sauna, relaxation room.
Adulte Fee 13,5 Euros
Child fee (3 to 11 years old) 10 Euros
Promo Family : (2 adults + 2 kids of less than 14 years old) 43 Euros
Non nominative card, 10 entrances: Adult 120 Euros
Non nominative card, 10 entrances: Child (less than 12 years old) 90 Euros
Memebership card, 5 entrances: Adulte 50 Euros
Route des Gorges du Sègre 66 800 LLO

Aquagym Course included in the baths entrance on Saturdays and Monday mornings at 10 o'clock except in French school holidays and depending on the places free places left for the lesson;
Discount with the presentation of the Pass card "Guide Pyrénées Orientales"